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The gas meter is not able to continue to use the bad

Jintan, a resident has encountered such a situation: two times the cash is not sufficient, so please check the relevant staff, the staff told him that the table is broken, the card is also bad, but also the use of gas. The residents are very puzzled, since the table is bad, then how can we use it?

The residents use the smart IC card gas meter, the structure of this table is the installation of electronic control components on the ordinary mechanical table, and with the recharge card to form a gas pre payment system. Table on the obverse of two digital display above is a mechanical character wheel, driven by the gas, as long as the use of gas, word wheel will rotation counts cumulatively. Below is an electronic display screen, by electrical components will recharge and airflow through the information is transformed into electrical signals and display them, tips available remaining gas and electricity. Due to the use of environmental impact or power failure or failure of electronic components, may lead to recharge does not enter, do not display numbers, the amount of gas after running off the valve and so on.

Gas company maintenance personnel will normally be in the user's home that is electronic control and recharge card is out of the question, in gas process appeared purchased gas after use does not close the valve, to recharge into the situation, and mechanical counting part of its gas consumption was given the normal measurement, by the appearance of real gas consumption of more than the purchase of gas. Mechanical measurement value is the legal basis for settlement (the user contract and publicity manual), the electronic part (including prepaid card) is the basis for payment. Therefore, the user needs to pay the fee for the gas.

Thus it can be seen that the gas meter failure can lead to purchase gas run out without closing the valve, until find the problem will feel things are strange. Residents should pay more attention to the use of the usual.