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New way of installing gas meter

In recent years, the development speed of China's natural gas industry since Needless to say, users are still increasing, in the face of such a big market, related enterprises has been in the study of how to ensure the safe operation of gas facilities, using what kind of way to achieve low cost and ensure safe and practical user, to solve these problems, a lot of gas company continuous innovation and try to, today a new gas table installation, is door-to-door Wallclock this installation.

At present, many companies to new users by "door-to-door Wallclock" mode, which is an innovative way of installation, previously mostly used is centralized watch is new customer unit centralized pay installation costs, regardless of occupancy and not to all customers home indoor gas facilities unified design, unified installation and acceptance of uniform ignition. And door-to-door guabiao is refers to new customers units to pay initial installation fee, only for customers to stay in home install indoor gas facilities, uninhabited rooms households temporarily not to install, check the customer put forward to install the application, then the site survey and design, installation.

Gas meter door-to-door guabiao advantages are obvious, such as 1, can reduce the illegal, a previous installation is user improvements before the stay for a long time to complete, in users of decoration to secretly equipment, causing potential safety hazard. 2, "door-to-door Wallclock" to avoid accidents, new customer reported by centralized installation mode unified installation, long uninhabited rooms of indoor gas facilities cannot always check and maintenance, easy to cause the safe hidden trouble, triggered gas accident. New installation in the installation of users after the installation, to avoid accidents.

New installation method, regardless of the Gas Co or the user, is a very loving way, but there are still some problems and difficulties, but also need to further efforts.