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IC card film type gas meter for household

IC card gas meter as a major application of IC, has been widely recognized and applied, and now a large part of the household gas meter is the IC card gas meter, and the IC card film gas meter is one of them. It to membrane type gas meter for the measurement of the base table, based on the IC card for the media, install the electronic controller a with gas metering device of gas purchased the tickets for the function.

In the selection of IC card household gas meter should pay attention to the main problems are: 1, air tight security. 2, the reliability of the valve control. 3, card and reader. 4, data security. 5, on-site maintenance tools. 6, quality inspection and the average time to failure assessment. 7, the gas outlets socialization.

Instrumentation industry is the source of many other industry innovation and development. However, our instrumentation industry phase compared to the level of international development still a big gap, it is necessary to. We should intensify efforts in the development of the industry. In fact, in recent years, China's instrumentation industry has developed rapidly, especially in a variety of emerging industries have a great impact on the development of instruments and meters, and has played a huge role in promoting. At the same time, the development of China's intelligent speed is also fast, these technologies continue to assist the instrument and meter industry to high-end manufacturing transformation. On the contrary, the development of the instrument industry also promotes the development of these new industries, which is bound to form a virtuous cycle, so that each industry has been developing rapidly.