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Several possible ways of gas meter

Some friends to reflect their home gas table is difficult to measure accurately, which not only give users bring loss troubles and losses, also to the user security concerns, said the following under the gas meter are not allowed to several possible, I hope useful for all of us.

Gas meter measurement uncertainty may be due to the quality of table, informal manufacturers due to the limitation of the production technology and process, result table accessories are not up to the requirements of accuracy has also been greatly affected, so the choice of gas meter must be serious and reliable businesses.

Another reason is gas meter is bad, this may is the user use undeserved cause gas meter damage, please new and better table and careful use, may also be a gas expression to use fixed number of year, although formal time table can be used, but has been aging damage, should timely replace the gas meter.

And home use gas, according to the gas meter and so on the safe use of gas meter measures can not do not know, now residents to use gas table is a lot of membrane type gas meter, then we for it to use common sense.

The first thing to do is to always check whether the gas meter leaks or damage, the method is to use soapy water or laundry service to check the gas meter joint, valve and its related equipment. Of course if there is a leak detector wine better home; table do not store and hanging weight; don't modify their own, random access, gas pipeline and gas meter joint; not to make the appearance beautiful gas meter wrap; gas meter fittings and hose must be frequently changed, can not be used too long, gas meter with a little life, expired to be replaced; long is not false use of gas, off the table in front of the valve.