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Household Meters

Applicable scope:Coal gas, natural gas, methane, mixture air, petroleum liquid gas

The characteristic
Discharge curve is good, from smallest current capacity 0.016m3/h to maximum current capacity 6m3/The h discharge curve all is even. The pressure damages lowly, has the sensitivity to be high, the duplication experimental performance is stable, measurement accurate and so on merits. The table shape carries on the design according to the French blueprint, inside uses the import plastic which does not distort, is not rotten, does not get older, does not rebel to each kind of gas source should, is the newest home use gas meter.

Technical parameter

Maximum current capacity(m3/h) Minimum current capacity(m3/h) Biggest working pressure Maximum current capacity pressure damages Table distance(mm) Attachment thread
G1.6 2.5 0.016 15Kpa <70Pa 130 M30×2
G2.5 4 0.025 15Kpa <120Pa 130(110) M30×2
G4 6 0.04 15Kpa <180Pa 130(110) M30×2