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Passive gas meter features a number of environmentally safe and power saving

With the development of intelligent gas meter, some manufacturers have also introduced a passive gas meter. What is a passive gas meter in the end it? Passive gas meter refers to the normal use of gas meter in sleep mode, to achieve ultra-low power consumption of the work mode, is basically a small amount of electricity consumption. This gas meter is more secure, environmental protection and energy saving.

Most of the passive gas meter is a small gas meter used for residents. The design of these tables is closely related to the people's life. Usually less power consumption, the use of battery powered passive gas meter, can be used for a long time, which for the residents to reduce the number of batteries and the cost of. Small power consumption patterns, reduce the gas meter damage caused by electricity and other conditions, to reduce the security risks of residents home.

Passive gas meter

In addition, the passive gas meter has high precision, long service life, you can avoid the home meter reading, compact shape, not space, and so on. Have a lot of advantages, in the market is very popular with Gas Co.