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Good intelligent gas meter manufacturers must have several characteristics

Everyone in the purchase of intelligent gas meter, the assembly may not be on the production of the system to do a systematic investigation, more attention to product quality and price above, which is very one-sided. Buyers should have enough knowledge of the smart gas meter manufacturers do, can not blindly staring at the price.

Manufacturer: Jiangsu Yun Feng intelligent gas meter gas equipment Co LtdTo understand the history of the manufacturer, including the history of the factory, mainly to do the product, product share and product positioning, etc.. A good gas meter factory, the establishment of the time is certainly not too short, the time is too short for the manufacturers did not precipitate, it is difficult to obtain people's trust. Manufacturers strength, market positioning is to see if the manufacturer is in line with your expectations, there is no ability to make reliable quality products, and perfect after sale.

Cloud Fung Gas Equipment Co., Ltd. Jiangsu 85 years began production of household series gas meter, in recent years, and engaged in IC card only instrument and supporting product development, manufacturing and sales. Cloud Feng smart meter market share has been way ahead, is mainly for the Gas Co's household gas meter.

In view of these contents, cloud Fung is worth the cooperation of large enterprises, a good brand.